Blue Dream Strain


Blue Dream Strain

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14g, 28g (1 Oz), 4 Oz, 8 Oz (1/2 pound), 1 pound

5 reviews for Blue Dream Strain

  1. Emily sonia

    I’m so high rn with this strain. I took one GB hit and laid on my couch then crashed. Top Five best strain for me. Great stuff from this great site

  2. Derrick harris

    Smells, tastes, and feels like the Chicago weed I grew up on

  3. Mimi Cindy

    This kush is outta this WORLD!!!! Don’t get me wrong it put me to bed after awhile but it was an amazing ride🙌🏽

  4. Harry conoy

    I had heard about blue dream on the street as far back as 2014, its a legendary sativa strain. Finally got to try the real thing from this site last week. Its probably the most clear headed weed I’ve ever smoked. It’s really easy to focus and think on this stuff.

  5. Grag simons

    A very strong sativa head high that also leaves you relaxed. Tasted really good.

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