Moon Rocks Ice


Moon Rocks Ice

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Moonrocks Ice is our CO2 /H20 product line. To make moonrocks, it starts with our Private Reserve OG which we Infuse with High Potency CO2 Hash Oil utilizing our proprietary process. We then roll the product in Ice Water Hash creating dense concentrated buds that are super clean and pure.

SC Labs tests at 57.66% THC confirms our moonrocks ice is the “Highest Potency Hash Product of its Kind” on the market today. Have an awesome moonrocks experience even if you find difficult to make moon rocks ice yourself, you can always order from our top quality collections available at our shop today and take your high to the next level.

Manufacturer 1 Stop Extracts
THC Content 57.66%
CBD Content 0.22%
CBN Content 0.31%

How to Make Moon Rocks 

To make moon rocks ice, we first determine the desired level of THC and CBD in our flower, as this will affect the potency of the final product. The strain GSC is often used, but any flower will work.

Next, we dip or spray the flower with hash oil. We then remove THC and CBD from the original plant through a chemical process, are the cannabinoids that make up hash oil. This step heightens the strength to create a better and longer high for patients.

Finally, dust the bud with kief, a fine powder ground from the resin found on the cannabis plant. If you use a grinder for your flower, the kief is collected in the bottom of the grinder. Kief intensifies the overall potency of the moon rocks ice. Once the three-step process is complete, your moon rock is ready for blastoff and is smoked in a pipe, joint, or water pipe (bong).

Enjoy our awesome moon rocks ice and other offers at our shop at Canna 420 Store with amazing prices today and also learn how to make them on your own if you desire to.

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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g (1Oz), 2 Oz

5 reviews for Moon Rocks Ice

  1. Monalisa Tilril

    The last time I had me some moonrocks was 2 years ago. This was nothing like I’ve tasted before, I really enjoyed your services. Thank you

  2. Harvey

    This was the first strain I had to buy from this site. It was so great for calming my anxiety. It also helped with PMS cramps and allowed me to relax on the couch. Highly recommend!

  3. Dasty

    pure deliciousness pure bliss, keep on giving us that top shit guys bless up!

  4. Ferro

    I recommend to everyone who loves bud ! Soo hard!

  5. Samja

    highest I ever been….I felt very happy, no stress, and my body was on autopilot…

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