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THC Distillate

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THC distillate known as The Clear or The Pure, is 99% Pure THC. Although with potency in the high 90 percentile. THC distillate is not for the new and inexperienced. This cannabis extract is the result of an extraction process called “short path distillation”. The process separates and refines molecules and contaminants to create a clean, almost clear concentrate.

As a result this produces a highly regarded, “top-shelf”, concentrate. So, what exactly makes this THC distillate different than shatter or wax or any other concentrate? Two things! 

 However, the major difference is in how they are made. In order to distill the cannabinoids into their purest form. Furthermore, an additional refinement must be executed. This process is known as Short Path Distillation and has proven to produce single compound oils that can reach upwards of 99% purity.


The THC distillation process is a two-part process, where the first part removes terpenes, and the second part removes lipids, impurities, and solvents. The THC, as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes, must first be separated from the cannabis plant. This could be done via solvent-based extraction methods while retaining many fats, lipids, and other compounds. 

variety of extraction methods have been developed for decades within the industry. The most common of which use the solvents butane, propane, CO2 and alcohol.

Unlike products like BHO and PHO that typically leave residuesimpurities and microscopic amounts of unwanted materials in their end product. Cannabis THC distillates are created using a short path distillation technique.

This technique differs from typical solvent extraction. Short Path distillation uses pressure, steam and heat to control the boiling points. As a result, it creates a much cooler temperature for the compounds to pass through.

During this process, the volatile THC compounds are separated by their molecular weight and individual boiling point. Thus, leaving behind less volatile and undesirable compounds.

This process is repeated over and over again to create pure cannabinoids without plant matter or residual solvents. As this process produces a product that has no measurable amount of terpene content. Extractors often reintroduce them back into the oil as we do with ours.



In today’s health-conscious society, many are seeking healthier options for optimal living. This holds true with Cannabis consumption as well. The Short Path Distillation process creates a very pure extraction, by leaving out potentially harmful solvents. The result is a concentrate that contains very high levels of THC but with none of the impurities. 


The finished product from a distillate process results in 90-99% THC- That’s A LOT! Compared to the 15-25% range found in flowers, or the 60-80% found in BHO and Co2 made concentrates. This level of THC content won’t only appeal to recreational users who enjoy getting breaks from reality from time to time. Also, it benefits those who rely on THC’s potency for medical reasons.


Not only is THC distillate pure with an obscene amount of THC content, but it also is a concentrate that is inherently odorless. The lack of odor lends THC distillate as the ideal choice for medicating in public spaces, like work.


Effects from this concentrate can be felt almost immediately as the THC has already been activated in the distillation process. 


THC distillate is typically packaged in very small syringes, as this is the easiest tool to both transport and manipulate the extract with. There are many ways in which THC distillate is being used, however the most common is still dabbing.


Arguably the most popular method to consume THC distillates. By vaporizing the THC on a hot surface, one can consume without needlessly wasting end product.


tiny drop under the tongueshould provide as much as 8-10 hours of relief for medical patients. It will take around an hour for it to hit when taken orally or sublingually, but it’s perfect for all-night (or all-day) relief.


Although THC distillates may be a very modern cannabis product, you can still smoke it in OG ways. If youre a die-hard joint smoker, all you need to do is spread some THC distillate on your rolling paper. It as usual with your pot!


Fill your vape tank with THC distillate, but make sure to use a ceramic coil and not a cotton coil. Otherwise, the impurities may ruin the taste.


Yes! THC distillate is edible, as it is made out of 99.9% organic contents. Add some THC distillate into your butter or cooking oil, then infuse it into your favourite dish.

Given the sheer purity, potency and versatility of cannabis distillate. Its no wonder that THC distillates are revolutionizing the medicinal marijuana industry. If you haven’t taken THC distillates into consideration, this might be the time.

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6 reviews for THC Distillate

  1. Tama Duke

    Very smooth, no harsh. Got me off the goof

  2. Johnny Lookman

    I’ve been getting fake and less effective thc distillate from some other sites. When I tasted your product I was in awe! Was actually referred here by me bro who has been your client for months now. He told me fascinating things about you guys and I had to see for myself. You guys are just so awesome. Thank you and keep it up

  3. Elan Norman

    I vaped this last night and had a very comforting sleep…thank you guys for giving me a product this effective

  4. Roy Cani

    Was extremely pure and thick on the glass syringe. My first time ordering thc distillate and was simply unbelievable

  5. Bob leku

    I love this stuff, it had helped me have less epileptic seizures and get better sleep in general.

  6. Dallas Mion

    This is a very clean and potent product

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